© 2019 By Sam Brown.

 Hi... I'm Sam. 

Design is my thing... it has been for quite some time now. The only difference is currently, I am designing more and more through a lens. Oh and doing this out of Columbus, Ohio has been quite the experience as well.

I moved to Ohio in 2013 to focus on my architectural studies where I soon realized how interested I was in projects that we were studying, and how I might be able to view these in my own perspective. After finishing school at The Ohio State University, I being my architectural experience at a firm here in Columbus. At the same time, I began to think about how I would visualize the environment from my own perspective.

Overtime, I built up diverse portfolio, collaborating and working with a wide range of clients. I have enjoyed the relationships that have been built and the process of completing each project.

In the meantime... my main focus is to bring your projects into a perspective that can be visualized in a way that distinguishes from what we might typically be used to.